Sim – 3GB Refill

Price: $30.00 / Month


Step into the world of enhanced connectivity with Moolah Wireless, offering an unbeatable 3GB data plan for just $30 a month. This plan caters to the digital-savvy user, providing ample high-speed data along with unlimited talk and text, ensuring that you stay connected to your world without interruption. Inspired by the consumer-friendly model of Mint Mobile, Moolah Wireless extends this incredible offer with a commitment to three months of service paid upfront, locking in unparalleled value and convenience for an extended period.


Moolah Wireless is more than just a service; it’s a commitment to hassle-free communication, designed for those who demand more from their mobile experience without breaking the bank. Our transparent, no-surprises approach means you enjoy consistent, reliable connectivity, free from the headaches of hidden fees or complex contracts. Perfect for power users, streamers, and anyone in between, Moolah Wireless bridges the gap between affordability and high-quality mobile service. Dive into the Moolah Wireless ecosystem today and discover how staying connected can be both easy and economical.


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