Moolah Wireless is an Internet Service Provider founded in Atlanta, GA, empowering communities with quality, safe and affordable internet services. Moolah Wireless is a wholesale partner with AT&T and is a member of the Affordable Connectivity Program that enables us to receive funding from the FCC to provide internet and broadband services. Combining the two together helps us create the most affordable internet in the country. 

In addition, Moolah Wireless offers free Tablets to anyone eligible for the program.

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We believe every community deserves quality access to high speed internet. We go directly to communities impacted by the digital gap and offer technology, jobs, technology training and workforce development to ensure that these communities are equip with the resources and tools needed to excel. Looking to sell home internet or give away free tablets to those in need? Email us as admin@moolahwireless.com with your resume.  

I had no idea I was eligible for discounted internet until I found Moolah Wireless. I still have the same service through AT&T, but at an affordable rate!

- Moolah Wireless Customer

Meet the Team

Vernell Woods


Herbert Parker

CFO (advisor)

Eric Usher


Sam Banks


Hill Harper

Celebrity Partner

TIP “T.I.” Harris

Celebrity Partner

LaVentris Holmes

Senior Operations Director

Want to discuss business opportunities? Contact us at sales@moolahwireless.com
Interested in covering Moolah Wireless in the news? Contact us at press@moolahwireless.com

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