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Be a changemaker in your community by helping us close the digital divide.

Help bring eligible recipients of the program the opportunity to recieve tablets and wireless services.


Colleges across America providing online learning can get all students that receive a Pell Grant at their school a FREE tablet with service. Eliminate the worry of learning from Home or that your students will fall behind.

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Non-Profits & Businesses

The members of your business or organization that receive government assistance are also eligible to receive a Free tablet from Moolah Wireless. Make it easy for them to signup by partnering with us.

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K-12 Education

Moolah Wireless is rolling out custom Moolah Wireless Tablets for Kids. Help your students keep up with the latest technological trends and never fall behind by ensuring that they stay connected.

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Help us get all members of your church or religious institution that are eligible for the program to enrolled into the program so that they can receive a Free Tablet and access services and online programming for Free.

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Save time by bringing the leaders of Section 8, Medicaid, Veterans Programs, Superintendents of Schools, Colleges and other influential programs together to help ensure that all eligible recipients of the ACP program in your city receive a Free Tablet with wireless service.

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