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Fill Out The Form Below toow To Activate your sim. To activate your SIM card, please fill out the provided form with your accurate personal information, including your name, address, contact details, and SIM card details. Once you’ve completed the form, follow the activation instructions provided with your SIM card package or contact your mobile service provider’s customer support for further assistance. Activating your SIM card will enable you to enjoy seamless communication and access to mobile services.

Fill Out The Form

Fill Out The Form Below To Activate A Moolah Sim

How to Install the SIM

Step 1

Open Top Flap

Access the SIM slot easily by opening the top flap on your Moolah Mobile Tablet.

Step 2

Insert SIM Card

Gently place the SIM card with the slanted side up into the top-left corner slot.

Step 3

Restart Device

Power off and on your tablet to activate the changes after inserting the SIM card.

Step 4

Follow Video Instructions:

Watch our comprehensive video guide for step-by-step instructions on activating your Moolah Mobile Tablet.

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