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Below are frequently asked questions to better assist you in understanding Moolah Wireless

Yes, Moolah Wireless Tablets are Free for eligible recipients of the ACP program who enroll with us and who have never received a Tablet or device before from another ACP provider. If you have received a tablet or device from another ACP provider, you are not eligible to receive a Free device. You are however eligible to receive free sim card with free data for the next 12 months.


To make it free, Moolah Wireless has partnered with Moolah Mobile, the owner of the third party software that is installed on each device, who pays the required $10.01 towards the purchase of each device.

You are only eligible to receive one free tablet from one service provider under the ACP program.

No. Your ACP credit can only be applied to either home internet or mobile data.

Signing up for different ACP providers requires transferring your gov claims from one service provider to another. Most providers disconnect you as a result of no longer receiving gov support to help support paying for your service.

We reset sims on Jan 1, 2023. All ACP subscribers were sent new ones. If you didn’t receive your new sim, click here (

Yes. Moolah Mobile as the third party software provider that pays for your $10.01 for you to receive the tablets. You however do not have to use the advertising components and can disable the built-in  rewards wallet.

Send an email to with why you would be a good fit to help distribute tablets and a member of our team will reach out if you are a good fit.

Each device comes with limited data. When you run out of data, you can purchase more using your Moolah Rewards Points earned from seeing ads or by contacting support.

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