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Moolah Tablet 3GB Free Free Internet anywhere for one person
Moolah 300 300 Mbps $25/mo. plus taxes & fees $55/mo. plus taxes & fees Fast internet speeds for the whole family
Moolah 500 500 Mbps $35/mo. plus taxes & fees $65/mo. plus taxes & fees At Home Learning & Stream TV
Moolah 1000 1000 Mbps $45/mo. plus taxes & fees $75/mo. plus taxes & fees Smart Home seamless integration & Gaming

Current AT&T Customers that switch to Moolah Wireless will have the same exact service with more monthly savings on your internet bill. Customers signing up to receive a free tablet are enrolled with partners who pay the required $10.01 mandated by the government to be paid for receiving a new tablet. 

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