Moolah M1 – Kids 10″ Tablet

  • Moolah M1 – Kids 10" Tablet

  • $450 or $100
    w/ Community Eligibility
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  • Description

    Forget screen-time struggles and endless subscription woes. The Moolah Mobile M1 kids tablet, powered by Moolah Mobile OS, offers peace of mind for parents and endless fun for kids. Picture this: a 10-inch Android playground with a vibrant IPS display, powerful processor, and pre-loaded educational apps and engaging games. But that’s not all! The built-in “Guardian” keeps you in the loop, letting you access messages and monitor MDM data right from your own phone.

    But hey, Moolah Mobile OS isn’t just about control – it’s about empowering both kids and parents. Watch educational videos? Earn Moolah points! Download learning apps? Get rewarded! Kids can even cash out points for in-app purchases or donate to worthy causes. It’s a win-win, teaching valuable financial literacy while boosting their digital fun. If you don’t want ads at all, cut them off!

    So, ditch the broken ads and subscriptions! Moolah Mobile OS puts you and your kids in control, offering transparency, personalization, and the chance to earn back. Each month you will earn free service as long as you actively use your Moolah Mobile device. Welcome to the future of mobile, where learning meets entertainment and families win together.

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