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Moolah Wireless for K12 Education is Finally Here

Moolah Kids provides the best kids experience
on Tablets today.

Bridging The Digital Divide To Cultivate Learning

Countless research has shown that access to the Internet is a critical component of educational achievement. Yet, there are still nearly 9 million homes with K-12 students that do not have Internet.Moolah Wireless is dedicated to solving this issue by providing students on the National Free LunchProgram with a FREE tablet and FREE wireless data service. There is no catch. The government pays us, so you and your students don’t have to.Don’t wait. Set up an appointment today with one of our representatives to help bridge the digital divide and pave the way for brighter futures

Schedule an initial 20-minute appointment with a Moolah Wireless team member to discover how we can collectively shape brighter futures.

What’s New Inside Moolah K12 Tablets

Track Location

Stay informed with real-time tracking to know your kids' whereabouts for peace of mind

Android Ecosytem

Access to the full Android Ecosystem including the Play store for downloading other apps and games.

Add & Remove Apps

Customize app access on their devices, ensuring age-appropriate content and online safety.

See all Web Trafic

Effortlessly monitor internet activity to understand your kids' online habits and safety.

What’s New Inside Moolah K12 Tablets

Moolah Parents App

Get Free Moolah
Mobile Tablets
With Data Service

We know the lessons learned from the pandemic.

Without home Internet, kids fall behind. In partnership with the Federal Government, we can provide eligible students with a FREE 10″ Android tablet and 12 months of FREE wireless data. Schedule time to talk with one of our representatives to get your students connected.

Larger Screen Size

Receive a free tablet worth up to $450, enhancing your digital experience.

Dedicated Support

Get a free device and enjoy free monthly service – stay connected hassle-free

Administrator Controls

Access top-tier devices for exceptional online performance

Free Fast Data

Experience lightning-fast, unlimited 5G data for seamless online connectivity


Moolah Partner

Unlock the power to transform your community by becoming a Moolah Partner. Whether you’re an educational institution aiming to provide free tablets and wireless services to Pell Grant recipients, a non-profit organization seeking to simplify enrolment for government assistance recipients, a K-12 school wanting to offer advanced technology solutions for students, a religious institution looking to provide digital access to eligible members, a municipality striving to bridge the digital divide, or a business aiming to customize device solutions for employees, Moolah Wireless offers partnership opportunities that can make a significant impact. Join us in closing the digital divide and empowering those in need by partnering with Moolah Wireless today.

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